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Word just touched down to Chelsea College fantasy land that our FILM PROJECT FOR GRAPHIC DESIGNERS deadline has been extended another week, in a rather snarkily-worded e-mail one of us had to go out and chase down. 

...and an allowance for extra shoot days which we have discussed in detail with all groups individually including your own...

To the Facebook machine! And the commentors come out guns ablazin' with classy retorts like this one that received a whole 18 likes at press time. 

Are we all in agreement this is the first we've heard of this?

And we've come to the conclusion that:

if Christina hadn't asked him we would have all shown up on Wednesday with work to hand in for an unprepared and possibly absent Chris?

This is British Education at it's finest, ladies and gentlemen. 

And I would just like to take a moment to say, that when one of your students has to qualify the fact that you replied to an e-mail with the parenthetical (MIRACLE), you might wanna take a step back from your iPhone or iPhone-similar-knockoff (I don't know what you own, I've been paying about as much attention to you as you've been paying to me) and re-examine your choice in life to become a teacher. Because, hey, this ain't exactly working out for ya. 

I had the pleasure of visiting a delightful design studio here in East London this afternoon, and you know what the creative director enjoyed stressing to me the most about their open plan workspace? Designers communicate with one another. Open plans facilitate communication. And it's been a real challenge for them since half the team is currently in Covent Garden while this lot toils away in Farringdon. 

And I waste my time in Millbank learning how to operate iMovie Professional--I mean, Final Cut Pro X. Seriously, is there an art college worth their salt on this planet that has actually upgraded from FCP 7? Because everyone who's anyone in the business knows that X is a joke, and we've all abandoned ship for Premiere while the real pros are wrapping their head around Avid. But by all means, continue teaching me software that no one uses anymore. Are we rolling out lessons on Quark XPress 8 next week? Because I hear they added a new Easter Egg in the form of an alien animation. At least they have a sense of humor about their impending demise, huh? 

Which is more than I can say for myself at the moment. 

The new deadline, which we hurtle to ever quicker in each passing moment, critique or not, is December 4th. But I don't much care either way. I board a plane to Stockholm on November 28th to spend Thanksgiving weekend with my family--complete with yams, marshmallows, and American football. Ain't that just the stuff dreams are made of? 




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