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Senior thesis project. Use it for yourself here.
Or watch it in action below. 


Condensed/Extended is the typefamily that writes for you.

With an innovative approach to OpenType technology, Condesnsed takes advantage of Contextual Alternate Features within the font to cut your character count as you’re typing. For example, every time you type ‘and’ it replaces it with an ampersand, ‘at’ with the at symbol, et cetera.

Extended, on the other hand, plays with the way a student might extend a paper in order to fit page count. It adds adjectives, puts two spaces after every piece of punctuation and will actually complete a cliché if it detects that you’ve started to write one. 

The project is built on Titillium Text, which is an OFL licensed open-source typeface by Campus Visivi.  

Project Images

Process images

Condensed/Extended is an experiment in how medium influences product. When the tool constantly changes the content and form of the output, how does the product change?

Is it for the better or the worse? Does it inspire the user to try something new? Is it possible that a lowly typeface can write the next Great American Novel?