(the c is silent) is a designer/copywriter based in New York City who is equally preoccupied by typography, Yves Klien Blue accessories, and the perfect chocolate-chip cookie. 

Jess is an alumna of Parsons School of Design where she majored in communication design, writing, and How to Take the Best Instagram Picture of Her Cat, who is named after a typeface. 

Her work revolves around excellent letters, clear communication, and snark. So obviously, she started a blog with her friends called Font of You and somehow became a world-class expert in type classification.  

Before moving to Brooklyn, Jessica spent an idyllic eighteen years in the 'burbs where she was raised on New Jersey arrogance and bagels. She still thinks the pizza is better at home and cannot decide whether or not to buy that spice rack. 

jesslovestype(at) — (resume)